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Official Butthole Sticker®

We first introduced the infamous Butthole Stickers to the festival world during Tipper Full Moon 2016, and since then it's hard to find someone without a butthole sticker story. Whether you got one from N00k1s himself, from an imposter (many try to copy, and that's OK), or from that one dude who you met that one time - they all originally came from the same place: our hearts.

Official FAMAF Merchandise

FAMAF Merchandise

The festival merch game was lacking one thing - us. Some merch is tight, most is fucking terrible. So we got together with our friends at Duality Lab and Bizarro Designs to create merch you'd be proud to wear at a festival, your backyard, or anywhere else. Heady, but not ugly. Colorful, but tasteful. Filled with our signature details that will keep your head spun all weekend as you try to find each hidden reference (and usually at least 1 butthole).

OC Meems

Our lifeblood. We go all in. None of that cheap crap. No re-sharing other people's memes, either. OC or nothing for us. Well thought-out teem work memes are the only way to go. It's ok, the butthurt was bound to get you eventually.

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